Night out

I literally love going out with Sunny. We had a crepe, drank tea, and I grabbed a burrito. We talked about everything we could fit in before 2am— careers, moving-to-Paris details, the major downs in our lives, and engagement rings we like. I got to be superficial and ask which purse she liked better and her which wallet I like better. Basically, I got to be a 21 year old graduating senior, out with one of my best friends, forgetting our problems and coming back sober and early enough to study for finals and make those things we talked about real C:

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Andy Goldsworthy’s art

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Claustrophobia hell.

One time, I went to Fashion Week in Paris and decided I never want to work in the fashion industry, ever. 

This memory came about because I was (re)checking out Jessica Chee’s ( magazine: 

I’m really just posting this because it’s midterms and being proud of friends is more fun than studying.

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#Papooz #intlhouse Can we please have a reunion?

#Papooz #intlhouse Can we please have a reunion?

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I’m pretty sure this is the lady that played yzma in the emporers new groove

Motherfuckers, educate yourselves when it comes to Eartha Kitt.

Eartha Kitt is Catwoman. She is Freya. She’s Shaleem-La-Lume, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, Angel, and Helen of Troy.

She was a civil rights activist, a peace activist, an LGTBQ activist (considering it a civil right), did benefit concerts and fundraisers for HIV AIDS orgs, she testified on behalf of “Rebels with a Cause” to set up their youth clean up group, she made Lady Bird Johnson cry when commenting on the Vietnam War while she was IN THE WHITE HOUSE FOR A GODDAMNED LUNCH. The CIA called her a nymphomaniac for it.

AND HAVE YOU HEARD HER SING? Cheesus, she’s got a star of Hollywood blvd for a reason. 

We all may know her best as evil Yzma but she was a heaven sent kind of lady.


That’s eartha kitt get yo life together

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"I love sarcastic people with high vocabularies"

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Pooh Bear and I on that study grind #midterms #poohbear #studybuddy

Pooh Bear and I on that study grind #midterms #poohbear #studybuddy

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#poohbear #studybuddy #midterms 

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